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Information Facts about Kratom

Kratom Infographic

Lately kratom is becoming more and more popular to my country, so I decide to make a research like my previous post – The Popular Methods of Taking Kratom. Today I found an interesting image about kratom and wanted to share it.

Kratom indeed is more like a double edge sword, without proper knowledge and self control one might get addictive to it but luckily it doesn’t have any side effect as mention in the image. I’ve also notice more and more people are now using kratom  for cooking recipe as ingredient, but as long as people are using it with a proper limit like smoking or drinking beer, I don’t think it will cause some problem.

I’m not the owner of the image, the image is own by Kratora as state in the image.

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Kratom in Applesauce Recipe

Kratom in Applesauce

Kratom in Applesauce


  • Kratom powder
  • 1 Fuji apple
  • 2 Golden Delicious apples
  • 1/2 cup of apple juice
  • 1 tbsp. butter
  • 2 tbsp. honey
  • ¼ tsp. cinnamon powder


  1. Take the apples and peel them. Afterwards, core and quarter all three of them and put the results in a clean, microwave-safe container.
  2. Put the rest of the ingredients, with the exception of the kratom, into the container and try to make sure that as much of the apple quarters as possible is in the apple juice.
  3. Pop the container in the microwave—making sure that the lid of the container is slightly open or open in one corner, of course—and turn the dial to High. Microwave that for 10 minutes.
  4. Get a fork or potato masher and mash the apples so that they reach your preferred consistency.
  5. Fold the kratom powder (just enough for one dose) into the applesauce and mix it with a fork until it is evenly distributed throughout the applesauce.

Applesauce and similarly thick, sweet, powerful-tasting substances are perfect “carriers” for kratom powder, as they help cover up the bitterness of its taste and also make it easier to swallow by lubricating the throat. You do not actually have to use all the applesauce made in this recipe for your kratom dose if you are fine with less. Some simply spoon a bit of the applesauce into their mouths with the kratom tucked inside it, the applesauce acting almost like a gelatinous sheath over the bitter parcel of kratom powder within.

When you eat the applesauce, it would still help to have a handy beverage nearby to wash it down even more quickly and help get the kratom down your throat as fast as possible. Plain water will do, of course, but some people find that taking the kratom applesauce with actual apple juice produces a nice harmony of similar flavours. It might further dull your senses to the bitter kratom actually hiding within the sweet sauce if even your beverage is sweet, after all, and serves only to enhance the apple flavour on your tongue.

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The Popular Methods of Taking Kratom

There are many ways of consuming kratom: indeed, it is very likely that if you take a kratom user from Thailand and one from the US, you will discover that they take the herb in different ways. This is partly due to the differences in supply between the two locations from which the users in this example come, it must be said. Kratom users in Thailand have access to fresh leaves whereas users in the US and other western countries usually do not: the latter have to settle for powdered or extracted versions, which is why their means of consumption differ from those of the former (who often simply chew the fresh leaf, something that would be difficult to do with the dry version).

Dried Kratom Leaves

Dried Kratom Leaves

There are other reasons for variations in methods of consumption, of course, but sometimes it simply boils down to preferences or custom. For example, a lot of other users in Thailand and other areas where it is endemic also prefer to take it as an infusion, sipping it as a tea. Most users in the west do not enjoy the bitterness of the infusion, however, and prefer to either dress it with a flavouring or sweetener, or would rather bypass the taste altogether and consume it with a minimum of chewing or contact with the tongue.

This leads us to the common methods of taking kratom in the west, especially among those using kratom powders (perhaps the most common form of the herb in the west as well, as it is more easily stored than fresh leaf and also requires less processing than an extract). The first has technically already been mentioned: as an infusion or something mixed into a beverage, preferably a strong-tasting beverage to dull the taste of kratom itself. Onset of effects tends to be delayed through this method, due to dilution by the liquid of the beverage, but it is still largely effective in most cases. A variation on this would be to reduce the liquid involved: using a thick sauce or pudding, for example, might mean less dilution.

Another popular method is the Toss and Swallow. This simply means that the user casts a dose of the powder to the back of his mouth, preferably past or very near the back of the tongue, and then downs a quick gulp of liquid to help with swallowing the kratom. This can be difficult, however, for those lacking practice.

Finally, powder users also parachute their doses by folding it into a very thin and digestible wrapper, e.g. rice paper, and then swallowing that whole. With a little practice, it can be the easiest and least fussy method of consumption, although it does take a little longer than the previous method for effect onset because the paper needs to dissolve first.

For more details about kratom visit:

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How to Enjoy Drinking Milk Kefir!

As we all know there are still very few kids that enjoy drinking milk kefir that much, kefir itself almost taste like yogurt so it’s a bit sour for kids to drink. We all know that kids normally like to drink something sweet, though we also know that it’s really not good for them. That why, I try substituting  it using honey!

Sweet Kefir

Milk Kefir mixed with Honey

My Sweetened Kefir Ingredients:

I simple put the milk kefir inside my glass then added 1-2 teaspoon of honey then stir it with a non metallic spoon!

This way the kids will surely love it and surely will enjoy drinking it everyday! And as grown up we can rest a sure because honey has been proven to be more more more times healthier than sugar! But of-course if we were to compare the price of the 2 product, it has a big difference in it, but still I believe health is wealth.

To know more on how to enjoy drinking kefir visit:

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What can Kefir do in our Life

Kefir Milk is usually a cultured, enzyme-rich food stuffed with friendly micro-organisms that assist balance your “inner ecosystem.” More nutritious and therapeutic than yogurt it supplies complete protein, essential minerals, and valuable Vitamin b. Traditional Kefir is handily prepared at your house equally this has been for a lot of centuries by the ancients of your Caucasus Mountains in Russia. Fresh, non-pasteurized or pasteurized full-cream, reduced fat or non-fat milk. Kefir might be consumed immediately or store within a sealed bottle and refrigerate to get a day or two and serve chilled. An alternative choice is always to ripen liquid Kefir at room temperature for the day or more. It may then be refrigerated for more storage or served as you like. Ripening or secondary fermentation at room temperature improves flavor and increases vitamins and minerals. Vitamins B6, B3 and B9 [folic acid] increases greatly during storage resulting from bio-synthesis of the people vitamins mostly by yeasts of Kefir grain organisms.

What does Kefir tasted like?

Water KefirIf you value plain Yogurt or Butter Milk or Sour Cream you might love Kefir. A number of friends and neighbors squirm whether they have a single cup but they get it into them simply because have in mind the making use of your Kefir Milk. Occasionally the drink might be slightly effervescent as well as you’re making it. I’m keen on it that way at the same time. You acquire a taste for this after some time. If you cannot cope with the taste and some other reasons should not use milk, then Water Kefir Grains will another option. I am posting about those shortly.

Just a simple tip – Drinking Kefir Milk constructed from Live Kefir Grains gives you a very dose of probiotics. Much better than any commercially made Yogurt or pill.

Latest research about several kefir’s benefits

KefirAlthough kefir is as old as ancient time, it’s got only recently started to be studied. In the June edition of BMC Immunology Journal, researchers evaluated the results of probiotic fermented milk to the offspring of nursing mice. They found the milk consumption either by the mother during nursing or with the offspring after weaning modified the introduction of bifidobacteria population from the large intestine of your mice. These modifications were that has a reduction in enterobacteria population. The administration in the milk towards the mothers improved their particular immunity process all this affected their offspring.

Offspring from mice that received the milk increased S-IgA in intestinal fluids which mainly came from their mother’s immune system. Home loan business the volume of macrophages, dendritic cells and IgA+ cells in the suckling period in offspring fed while using fermented milk was observed. Researchers thought this is linked to the advance from the immunity on the mothers, which passively protected their babies. At day 45, the immune tissues with the babies reached a maturity that reflected the negative impacts of the milk for the stimulation of their intestinal mucosal immunity. This research points too kefir will be of great benefit to both nursing mothers in addition to their babies.

The Journal of Medicine and Food, June edition, reported a study to figure out probiotic properties of kefir. Researchers used a carbohydrate fraction isolated from kefir to test for anti-inflammatory activity within vitro as well as in vivo using rats. Results indicated a substantial decrease in rat paw edema and overall trauma after treatments with kefir compared to the control rats.

Cla (CLA) is often a natural fatty acid seen in kefir along with ruminant products which may possess anti-cancer activities in in-vivo animal models as well as in vitro cell culture systems. The BMC Cancer Journal, July edition, reports a study to look for the connection between CLA on apoptosis (programmed cell death) in human breast growth. Researchers learned that CLA induced apoptosis through estrogen receptor alpha inside breast cells. These bits of information propose that the affect of estrogen on breast growth is modulated by CLA. To know more about latest update on kefir you may visit – Benefitsofkefir.com – Why Drink Kefir?

What Are the Important factor about Kefir?

Kefir-Weight-LossThe Nutritions of a cup of kefir is usually a method to obtain protein, with 8 to 11 g per cup. Kefir even offers 10 % of the recommended daily value for a vitamin and A quarter of the worthiness for vitamin D. Kefir can be another way to obtain calcium, with 30 percent of the daily value per cup, based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Kefir contains certain healthy bacteria called Probiotics this is not obtainable in yogurt, including Lactobacillus Caucasus, Leuconostoc, Acetobacter species, Streptococcus species, Saccharomyces kefir and Torula kefir. These beneficial microorganisms assistance digestive health insurance and stay away from the growth and development of viruses while in the intestines. Vitamins, for example vitamin k supplement and B-12, are created inside gut along with the probiotics in kefir facilitate this production.

Even though it is made from milk, the fermenting process helpful to create kefir will make it nearly lactose-free, note kefir manufacturers. Inside a study inside “Journal in the American Dietetic Association” published in May 2003, researchers from Ohio State University tested 15 people with lactose intolerance and located that kefir reduced symptoms just like gas, abdominal pain and diarrhea linked to the consumption of lactose. The curds in kefir are smaller compared to those who work in yogurt, making it simpler to digest. Evidently this study is promising, should you suffer severe lactose intolerance, you can even examine along with your physician before adding kefir for a diet.

Single serving of plain kefir contains 150 calories and 8 g of fat, 5 g which often are saturated. Choose low-fat kefir if you’re watching your weight, because 1 cup of low-fat kefir contains just 110 calories and a couple g of fat, with 1.5 g saturated. Researchers from Curtin University nationwide present in an 2009 study that dieters who consumed five parts of dairy daily, as well as a low-calorie diet, lost more importance and abdominal fat than dieters who consumed just three servings daily. Single serving of kefir counts as being a serving of dairy.

Although more principals are needed, preliminary study shows that kefir could have an impact on cancer cells. An investigation within the journal “Cancer Management and Research,” published in February 2011, found out that kefir effectively prohibited the rise of malignant T-cells, which play a role in some kinds of cellular cancer. Another study, published in “BioFactors” in December 2004, learned that compounds in kefir may help control hypertension and blood choleseterol levels in rats. More thorough studies within the results of kefir on cancer along with other chronic the weather is vital to draw any significant conclusions.

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Precisely what is wheat grass?

What exactly is this green grass that peoples are juicing? What is it with wheatgrass which make it so healing for that body? I have been drinking it in way of powdered wheatgrass each day for quite a while, on the other hand believe that it is time for you to start growing my own, personal. There are a few great sprouting trays around that can do most of the job, that i’m certain the fresh juice is going to be more powerful. Drinking wheatgrass juice may be the one thing that i’m doing that’s not fantastic for my preferences. It doesn’t taste good, it tastes like grass. So, I additionally put some powder inside my juice or in my smoothie to mask the taste.


Self Plant Wheatgrass

Wheat grass is one of the so-called green foods which are valued by health-conscious individuals like a great natural method to obtain nutrients. In juice form its content has 70% chlorophyll, which is often known as the blood of plant life. It closely resembles the molecules of’ human red blood cells. Chlorophyll is shown to produce an unfavourable environment for bacterial increase in our bodies and for that reason good at enhancing the body’s effectiveness against illness.

Wheatgrass juice contains natural enzymes, that really help the groups defence mechanism by strengthening cells and removing poisons from the blood. It will help eliminate toxins accumulated from eating processed food, breathing polluted air and drinking impure water. It also has dilating effect on the arteries allowing blood circulation with less effort. This improved circulation means valuable nutrients may be distributed better during the entire body. Additionally, it has an effect on red blood cells, whereby it increases the iron content inside the blood.

Wheatgrass functions by filling nutritional gaps within the diet and cleansing the blood. It’s loaded with vitamins A, C and E, containing a similar quantity of ascorbic acid as a possible orange. Additionally it is rich in essential B vitamins, that are necessary for normal brain and the entire body development. The juice also contains many essential minerals : calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, needed for healthy bones, teeth, hair and skin.

Wheatgrass is known as a complete food by itself. The fact is that one pound of fresh wheatgrass is equivalent in nutrients to 23 pounds associated with preference garden vegetables. Due to its fibrous nature, which is indigestible by humans, wheatgrass should be liquefied prior to it being consumed.

Exactly what do wheatgrass do to the body?
Wheatgrass juice is quite bioavailable. Such a thing happens because wheatgrass requires 50 times more pressure to juice than other fruits and vegetables. This force pulverizes the cellular structures and expresses out miniscule nutritional elements. The main benefit of these tiny nutritional elements is that they are possible for the body to assimilate.

wheatgrass Juice

My Favorite Healthy Drink

Once you drink top quality wheatgrass juice, your system may produce results such as:

  • More energy and much better sleep
  • The juice is 70% chlorophyll and since the chlorophyll molecule is virtually comparable to hemoglobin (red blood cells that carry oxygen), wheatgrass juice will oxygenate your system
  • Stronger defense for our body
  • Detoxification with a cellular level
  • 1 fl. oz. of wheatgrass juice matches 2½ pounds from the choicest vegetables
  • Wheatgrass is mineral rich possesses 92 minerals needed by the body
  • Reduced inflammation in the physique
  • Lessened appetite cravings
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Steadier nerves
  • Improved eyesight and night vision
  • You suddenly start accomplishing more each day
  • Visually seeing results via live blood cell analysis such as the un-clumping of oxygen-carrying red blood cells
  • It can be a complete protein containing 20+ amino acids and contains higher protein densities than another meal source
  • The magic influences enzymes using more than 30 found in the juice
  • A physical and mental feeling of well-being

To learn more about wheatgrass you may visit:

Hope I help readers to improve their health a bit. 😀