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Information Facts about Kratom

Lately kratom is becoming more and more popular to my country, so I decide to make a research like my previous post –┬áThe Popular Methods of Taking Kratom. Today I found an interesting image about kratom and wanted to share it. Kratom indeed is more like a double edge sword, without proper knowledge and self […]

Kratom in Applesauce Recipe

Ingredients: Kratom powder 1 Fuji apple 2 Golden Delicious apples 1/2 cup of apple juice 1 tbsp. butter 2 tbsp. honey ┬╝ tsp. cinnamon powder Procedure: Take the apples and peel them. Afterwards, core and quarter all three of them and put the results in a clean, microwave-safe container. Put the rest of the ingredients, […]

How to Enjoy Drinking Milk Kefir!

As we all know there are still very few kids that enjoy drinking milk kefir that much, kefir itself almost taste like yogurt so it’s a bit sour for kids to drink. We all know that kids normally like to drink something sweet, though we also know that it’s really not good for them. That […]