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How to Enjoy Drinking Milk Kefir!

As we all know there are still very few kids that enjoy drinking milk kefir that much, kefir itself almost taste like yogurt so it’s a bit sour for kids to drink. We all know that kids normally like to drink something sweet, though we also know that it’s really not good for them. That why, I try substituting  it using honey!

Sweet Kefir

Milk Kefir mixed with Honey

My Sweetened Kefir Ingredients:

I simple put the milk kefir inside my glass then added 1-2 teaspoon of honey then stir it with a non metallic spoon!

This way the kids will surely love it and surely will enjoy drinking it everyday! And as grown up we can rest a sure because honey has been proven to be more more more times healthier than sugar! But of-course if we were to compare the price of the 2 product, it has a big difference in it, but still I believe health is wealth.

To know more on how to enjoy drinking kefir visit:


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